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Glowing photographs

Luminous photo paper - completely ready for use - click on the pictures, graphics and layout to make it bright.

Application: It is used for printing photos. And can be applied in the field of publishing, and commercials, for example, business cards, printed as well as evacuation plans. It could be used for art during décor embroidery design. Glows in the dark and you can persuade the guest to buy any pictures simply luminous,
Guarantee period: up to 20 years. 
Paper uses the image of light:
• in the publishing industry;
• In commercial advertising (posters, calendars, business cards, banners);
• to produce evacuation plans;
• To print images, and charts;
• Pictures to decorate events (Holiday Birthdays, weddings);
• Interior Design;
You need to use the printer flashy colored inks or water-based solvent to print images on photo paper illuminated. . Quality of the light depends directly on the quality and color printing.
Storage conditions: stored in a dry place under the temperature of 5-40 C.
Shelf life - 20 years.
Sizes: А3, А4, А5, А6.
Lighting: Yellow, green and blue.
The Light: More than an hour - 6.
Size: А4 (210х297мм) А5 (105х148мм) А6 (52.5х74мм)