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Glowing stones

Applications: use bright paint in the dark of the stones for construction and finishing, to produce souvenirs and products advertising, to decorate the buildings, as well as accessories for mobile phones (jewelry and souvenirs). In a glass vase full of stones bright, in addition to displaying souvenirs exclusive, you can also play the role that the lighting of the room around you.
Our production of luminous stones make it possible to use it for:
• Landscape design
• lighting at night, land, parks, gardens, etc.;
• Production of tiles using luminous stones (very elegant);
• finishing buildings (both internal and external interfaces and cottages)
• decoration for aquariums (stones illuminated in aquariums, and make the magical world of the mysterious underwater)
• the production of various decorative items (flower pots home, photo frames, shelves and souvenirs rare).
Features: stones are synthetic, produced from plastic with different dimensions (from 1 to 2 cm), and processed by the luminous paint. Acrylic coating .. Accumulates during the day light on the stones to the lighting at night up to date decor is very beautiful.
Shelf life is unlimited.
Form: The stones are produced in the form of luminous sea stones ..
Color: stone under ordinary light have a white or white color is green.
Lighting: Light green and blue colors of blue.
For lighting: More than an hour - 6.
Package: 1 kg of up to 25 kg. 1 kg has 250-350 PC. 
Surface: Crystalline and shiny.
Size: 1-2 cm
Production rate: Up to 1000 kg