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LimeLight Glass

Application:  glass surfaces to the outside, the cups of long, cups small, ashtrays, and plates of glass, colored glass, mirrors, glass, furniture, and design of windows, and tableware for hotels and restaurants, and glassware
Method of application: You must clean the surface of glass or porcelain and cleaned by clean water. Is the glass coating by spraying, and wet film thickness of 80-120 microns in a single layer, making it ideal for all techniques of painting on porcelain, stencils, and sponges, are also used for painting on porcelain. You can get detailed instructions on the application request.
Features: It has the ability to light in the dark 7-8 hours. Paint has high stability and lighting, and include the ability to use color existing glass surface into a colorful and glittery.
Storage and Precautions: should be kept tightly closed container, in a place under the temperature of 5-20 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production.
Drying: The drying of the air under the room's atmosphere
Consumption: depends on the method of paint per 1 liter of 6-7 square meters.