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Limelight Oracle

Application: widely used print on the silk screen. It is mainly used this method in the manufacture of banners, vinyl self-adhesive films, or any other material used in billboard advertising. Any coating contains a chemical structure that penetrates the material to be printed, and this paint is not exposed to climatic conditions. That is, they are resistant to all weather factors are not affected by water
Method of application: silk screen printing method, detailed instructions, and we will send you instructions upon request.
Features: Limelight Oracle has the ability to light in the darkness of 7-8 hours, and designed for direct printing on Oracle Film Festival, and the surfaces polished, thermoplastics different, do not contain or contain a small amount of plasticizer, such as acrylic resin, poly vinyl chloride. Paint ready for use.
Storage and Precautions: should be kept tightly closed container in place of the temperature of 5-20 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production
Consumption: depends on the method of printing. Per 1 liter. Covers of 6-8 square meters