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Lime Light Metals

Features: Lime Light metals light in the dark 3-5 an hour, which is made of resin high quality easy to use, fast adhesion
Equipped for use, and there are several colors of it and the second layer light up beautifully, of course, in accordance with the conditions.
Applications: Pumps air, car rims, interior and exterior decorations, paint Lyme Lite suitable for all metal surfaces
Method of application: individual spray nozzle with 1.4 to 1.5 mm, and 3-4 bar pressure,
Note: The color and saturation of the base coating depends on the circumstances and the way the application. Must move the product thoroughly before and during use to get the best results
Storage: You must keep the package closed and stored under the temperature between 5-20 ° C
Paint reacts with moisture and therefore the surface must be dry, relative humidity should be 80%
Consumption: 1.5 liters each - from 3-6 square meters
One Light: 3-5 hours
Drying: The duration of the drought and 10-15 minutes under a temperature of 20 Celsius.
Packaging: Package is 0.5 liters, 1 liter and 5 liters and 20 liters
Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production