Glowing car disk



There is an easy way to define this

Wait until dark and go to the street you see people something new? Not

Then it's time to draw the attention of people and is painted disk

What ideas you know about disk which illuminates in dark and what is your opinion which

That it was difficult to answer or impossible to imagine that to see your car lights in the dark disk!!!Then you must decide now

Now you have the real possibility to run disk your car luminous darkness and draws the attention of all and just use the paint shining company lime Lite and dark night out to the street and you'll see the eyes of people heading to the car here

So the paints from limelight company is :

100% auto accessory paint

Turn the lighting for painting from 6-8 hours

Lighting under UV

Works as a cover to protect the disk

Easy application and use


Just think, why you spend exorbitant amounts on car accessories, only you can paint your car disk you paint shining in the darkness and then You will see impressive results you'll get from this process.