Glowing glass and ceramic


As always remember very popular was working the fiftieth year of the last century to see gifts as watches and decorative pots and Decree it

All beautiful

Very easy and you can do this such as academics and students engaged in the study end of gifts imprinted tea cups and flamboyant name or draw a certain show anniversary between each so that they use the paint shining in the dark

And draw any pattern or Word or anything on the glass and then presented as a gift to someone you love

And we'll see that the glass or surface graph shows us day and shiny night

This was like magic to us!!!

Such skills can be performed at home, says we need special equipment to make such logos and designs we tell you that it's easier than expected and that you can start your home painting glass and sold as gifts, trophies and all you need is paint shining and graphic you want brush any you don't need any equipment.

Not only can you paint or painting or drawing on was small but possible graphic on any glass surface such as Windows furniture mirrors you want and you canUse Paint to any glass surface you want to paint

If you have a talent for drawing, even if a bit you will produce dozens of templates for application to glass surfaces and thus have manufactured a small catalog of samples can be viewed on customers begin cushy home work and material gain

What do you think of this idea


I think it's fantastic