Limelight Company  develop, manufacture and design all kinds of public safety and guidance signs illuminated and evacuation plans in accordance with recognized international standards you can buy a luminous materials and work for yourself, too,. If you need advice or assistance regarding the development, manufacture or use of the safety guidelines, please contact us!

Product Description.

is used for safety systems and evacuation routes in cases of emergency (evacuation planning), and icons. And ideal for use in fire safety systems. Application of paint on any surface, both inside and outside buildings. Use the most popular in recent months it has become self-luminous signs ..
Must be sealed and the place where the humidity is not more than 60% at temperatures 5-20 degrees Celsius. Shelf life - 18 months
Comes with improvised 1 and 5 liters - 20 to 50 -liter.
Light color: green.

like any other paint you have to stirred the product thoroughly before and during work surface well and clean of dirt, dust and dirt , You can use brush, roller or spray individual.
Drying at a temperature of 20 ° C with a relative humidity of 50% is from 2 to 6 hours.
Area covered by 10 to 13 per liter of paint M2 depending on the quality of the surface.