Glowing clothes

We used to be able to update paint cloth clothing is of course something very nice

And user-friendly than anyone only you need to have a picture that would be illuminated on the t-shirt or Ti-shirt  and of course the paint shining in the darkness of Light room and company IM unloading place image on Ti-shirt  and then you put the paint thickness 2 ml and legacy to dry and duration of drying are what usually takes an hour or less


We would like to draw attention to all owners of this technique is that fashion from newer models if the usual clothing change and of course the source of profit and excellent income

Election candidates advertising designer’s idea of beautiful and quite different from all existing

Simply book a paint of sales manager and we are bringing it to you

Now go to the contact page and spoke with the Manager and will give you all the information concerning this matter and how employment in detail

Can wash cloth over 250 times