Luminous paint is applied to the surface to the lighting in the dark. In daylight or bright spots lighting paints the original colors are green and blue, red, pink and orange and there is also transparent color which does not change the original color of the surface during the day.

 Is the accumulation of light during the day, or from artificial light, and the production of the drawing that we made on the surface lighting when it gets dark, through light that paints the, the raw materials that we use the lighting in the dark of 6-10 hours of continuous, therefore, the paint The bright lighting, or the surface of each product or the introduction of paints in the manufacture of the lighting at night

here are some types of our luminous paint:


Limelight Glass. Luminous paint applied for a glass, can be used to shiny surfaces as well. Glassware is modified by means of images, and we painted glass painting of limelight. Allows the paint to make stained glass is a unique application for the household products and the public.


Limelight textile:  is used to apply to the textile and cloth.

Not only from the spinning and weaving, but also greatly expand the possibilities for production of products, stylish and original, made of fabric.

Limelight Metals:  is well suited to cover the metal surfaces through the action of different images. Private car enthusiasts and owners of large services for the automotive industry, automotive centers, Accessories, and interior designers, will certainly attract the idea of creating a project using the original coating metals Limelight.

Limelight Wood: Is used on wood surfaces, and the work of an image or a cover, which will help to transform the familiar and everyday things. Can walls and window frames to get a new look because of the bright paint.


Limelight concrete:  applied for concrete, stone, walls and brick. Makes it possible to decorate parts of the buildings, and fences.


Limelight Flowers: Made especially for coating bouquets of fresh flowers, making untold pleasure for visitors from flower shops and studios.


Limelight Plastic:  this type of paint for decoration of products from plastic ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and polypropylene.


Limelight Oracle:  used to produce images printed on the forms of film adhesive, using the method of printing on silk. Received such a way that the labels, and advertisements of internal and                                                                                                                                                               external, which adds a kind of                                                                                                                                                            beauty and luster of ads.



We Invite specialists from different branches to cooperate, and limelight company is ready to consult with you for a specific type of paint application in a particular case. Flowers and decor, designers and specialists in the field of ornamental, advertisers and producers of commemorative products have a great opportunity to expand the possibilities of their own, and the bottom line leads to a successful partnership with Limelight and expand the network of agents in your country



First, the products will be interesting for each:

 - Advertisers,

- Artists,

- Flower shops, salons,

- Design and designers,

- New Year Gifts or producers of gifts and accessories.

 our paints are not dangerous to human health.

 We send all certificates when deliveries of products.

 • Products of gifts, ornaments, glassware, clothing and more.


Simply contact us at the e-mail or on the phone. Our staff will describe to you the products with delivery terms of the details, and we will give advice for the selection of the appropriate use of the paints that you want, and we will end the agreement and commercial matters if you plan to achieve the profits from the products of the Limelight in your country.


Just contact us and Limelight staff will help you achieve your desires! Product is compatible with the standards of health, confirmed by certificates of conformity.