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Limelight ancient name of all that is new and useful and lustrous world of paints, as the Lime Lite manufactures paints luminous in the dark is one of the finest paints bright commercially available,
The luminous paints a beautiful and wonderful world of paints leap company relies manufacture of paints bright several pillars, including:
- Lack of effect paints bright to humans and the environment because there are many companies that are not subject to the foundations of manufacturing safety
- Second is the privilege of the final outcome of bright paints and duration lit surfaces and resistance to external factors faced by the Arab countries, specifically

Limelight offers new features for handling and smooth conditions for partnership and our concern first and last is customer satisfaction and deal with high transparency and after-sales service, consultation and agents to live up to providing the best product with the highest degree of service and convenience for customers of course with suitable for all prices.

What is the bright paint:

Most likely the majority heard about paints light up in the dark and what is installed and how it works?
Paint Shining is a chemical combination of zinc sulphide and aluminate strontium term is due to start using zinc sulfide for use in security tools and the prevention of accidents, such as the bright clothing to 1930. Then invented aluminate strontium oxide, which strongly characterized by lighting a 10-fold Adaúah sulphide zinc, and has since been replaced Bolominat for strontium sulfide zinc. The use of paints containing Olomeninat strontium oxide in lighting exits public halls, cinemas, and to determine the direction of roads and apparel workers in the streets and roads and miners building
The characteristics of these paints it in the process of reduction (Shipping) to light, regardless of whether from the sun or from any source for lighting and be daytime or light illuminated, but because of the light Tnhjb vision and when it gets dark here comes the work of paints as the unloading of lighting that was shipped in the form of shipments lighting, different lighting power on the quality of the materials used to manufacturing and the extent of the dark intensity, and here the Limelight company using the finest species and the latest equipment for the production of paint Shining in the dark best quality and you can be sure that when you paint experience and comparing species and other commercially available, and usually remain light for an hour a maximum of two hours or so, we add the use of new technologies and chemists under the supervision of experts to become the paint shines longer period of up to 5-7 hours.

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